Thursday, September 4, 2008

"lady to behave me"

Noah's behaviour therapist visited again on Tues and I finally understood what it was that Noah was calling her "the lady to behave me"
She wondered if he has some sensory issues so we did a questionairre and it was interesting to think about how he used to and sometimes still does love to spin, to stoke things, to bounce on the trampoline, to cover his ears to some noises, to walk on tip toe, not to get his hands messy, to hate to have his hair cut or washed, to walk on sand etc etc
She will try to come up with ways to counter act any sensory issues and this may calm him and help his behaviour. She is also going to talk to his school this week.
Mostly his behaviour has been OK although he has found a new thing to fiddle with - it's the tap that turns on and off the water to the toilet cistern - of course we only discover this long after he's done it (and too late for a consequence as he's forgotten all about it) when the toilet won't flush. It's embarrassing for this to happen to visitors.
Yesterday I drove all the way to the hospital to Isaac's feeding clinic only to find the SLT wasn't there. Only then did I remember that last week she had told me it wasn't happening. Luckily Paul has a few minutes free so we had a coffee together.
Decided to be a good mum after school and involve the kids in some baking. However by the time I was ready Noah wanted to watch Jurassic park and J had found a new game on the computer where you could dress a bride. So I ended up making banana muffins and coconut cake all by myself - they seem happy to eat it though. I feel like the little red hen!

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