Tuesday, September 2, 2008

return to routine

Celebrations continued all weekend. It was Lily's party on Saturday when a jet-lagged Paul managed to fall asleep in the cinema while watching a cartoon version of Star Wars with five kids with DS. On Sunday we had a family lunch in Lily's honour with Beth and Joe and Abi, but unfortunately not with Lily! She had gone to a confirmation preparation meeting and will be confirmed next Sunday evening.
Monday was Beth's last day with us. She had an appointment with the gynaecologist who recommended doing a laparoscopy - so Beth should be back here again for that before too long.
Paul and I went out on date night in the evening - we are trying to make this a regular thing with Hannah coming in to babysit. There were only Noah and Lily for tea as J was on an access visit and Paul and I were going to eat out. Just needed seven fish fingers and one tin of beans - what a change from the days we had seven kids at home.

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