Sunday, October 26, 2008

blissfully boring family weekend

Everyone has recovered and is slobbing around the house - it's great!

Yesterday the girls met up in Hannah's lunch hour from Max and had lunch together - we are quite a force to be reckoned with - me, Abi, Anika, Beth, Hannah and Lily. I had set myself a resolution to only shop in supermarkets for the month of November as a way of saving money towards the new house. However as I ended up in town with the girls this was a resolution soon broken. Paul has pointed out that it's not November yet, but the saving money bit should still hold.
One way we will save money is by not getting the home theatre system we have been quoted $7000 to $15000 for. This came about because I would like to be able to listen to music in the laundry while I'm ironing and Diamond Homes suggested we contact "Image Audio" about having speakers in the ceiling etc. They do some great stuff - way above our level of understanding about woofers and tweets and so on. We would need five speakers in our living room ceiling as Dolby sound has 6 channels, then we'd need a major space to put a box about half a metre cubed containing our DVD player, CD player, sky decoder, any games systems, an amplifier and wires to link the computer to the TV. This would of course be a dream amount of wires to Noah (and nightmare to us!) We would also need to put the TV in a different place to where we'd planned.
It would mean that watching TV would be like being in a cinema - but we actually want the living area to be for living not for sitting with your back to the lovely big patio doors blocking access to the kitchen and playroom. We have decided it would be cheaper for me to have an I-Pod in the laundry!

Today Sam, Anika and Abi came for lunch (Joe had a meeting at church) then they all pulled out of visiting Tokamaro Steam museum (we almost stopped Noah going too after he flushed J's koosh ball down the toilet!) Isaac stayed home with Beth and Lily so it was just Paul and I, Noah and J who went to this most NZ of museums. A muddy field full of well loved machines and a steam train that pulled a carriage round a short course. (you could see the ground through rusted holes on the floor) We loved it though were rather embarrassed that they only took cash and by emptying our pockets completely we could only come up with $38.60 of the $40 we needed. The little lady was rather cross but eventually let us in!

Noah found the whistle of the steam train a bit loud!

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