Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ronald McDonald House

We have arrived at Starship. Noah really enjoyed the flight and added (I hope) to the enjoyment of the jaded businessmen round about him. He was also delighted at the end of the flight when I asked him to kneel down and retrieve the toy Isaac had posted down the side of the seat. He got the toy alright and then I heard him excitedly say "LIFE JACKETS" I managed to stop him just before he'd pulled the tag on them!

We had lunch at the international terminal of Auckland airport and watched a jumbo take off. The taxi driver to Starship then thought we had flown in from abroad to have surgery.
We got to ward 24b and the playroom teacher remembered us from 2 years ago and then added that she'd seen us on TV on the attitude programme.
As Isaac is 3 he is up the other end of the ward than the baby end where he was before. This means they wanted to put him in a bed - but we said he'd fall out for sure. So they found him a big metal cot and he soon discovered if he banged his head against the bars it made a great sound. He was seen by the house surgeon, nurses and consultant surgeon but it appears that his x-rays are still in Palmerston and no-one here had seen them and that no official letter has come from the Palmerston paediatrician. Because of this Isaac is on thel ist for tomorrow afternoon with his x-rays being couriered here overnight.

For tonight we are all together in Ronald McDonald house. It's a lovely place although Noah has already got lost once and been found in the garages. Both the boys are asleep now and we're sitting in the dining room with Beth who's visiting us


Richard said...

BETH! It's time you were home! :-)

Nan P. said...

Hello Angela,

I am thinking of you all. Whenever you have time, keep posting progress of Issac.

Sending you my very best wishes.

And I love Noah's reaction on the plane, that boy is very clever! ;-)