Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hospital in the home

In my hospital in the home today I have had two post-op patients (the youngest with diarrhoea) and three with a vomiting bug. I have done six loads of washing!

This was supposed to be the first of the calm boring days to follow our busy few weeks.

Beth's surgery (laparoscopy) yesterday went well and they discovered she doesn't have endometrious which is good news but doesn't explain the severe pains she gets. I offered to take lots of photos of her progress like I did with Isaac but she declined! Southern Cross hospital was very nice, more like a luxury hotel than a hospital especially compared to Starship 24b. We may change our minds about which we prefer when the bill comes!

We (Beth Isaac and I) got in at 7am and Isaac became unsettled almost immediately - I guess he'd been pleased to be home and going back to an unfamiliar place with nurses was hard. At one point I was asked to take a crying Isaac out of the ward to a playroom as "people were trying to sleep" He did sleep a bit but that was while Beth was away in theatre so her recovery was mostly accompanied by his crying.

She'd arrived back from theatre by lunch time and I suddenly realised that I had no food so asked Paul to pop in with food from the public hospital canteen. Afterwards I thought maybe the lamb wrap had gone off as I felt a bit queasy, but when we were waken in the night by J vomiting on our bedroom floor (narrowly missing Paul's shoes) I wondered if maybe it was a bug.

When Lily phoned from work to say she'd been sick and then Hannah texted from across the road that she was ill and then Paul came home from work early this afternoon as he felt so ill we became sure it was a bug. It seems to be short lived though so I hope we'll all be well tomorrow. Poor Beth has had to walk around clutching her stomach trying to help other people.

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