Friday, October 24, 2008

more hospital stuff

We are hanging out for a blissfully boring weekend, but today had an ENT appointment for Lily - and came home to four separate hospital envelopes addressed to Isaac but luckily three contained the same appointment and the other was for 10 days later with the same doctor but for child development rather than general paediatric so hopefully we won't need that!

Anyway we got to the hospital early as Beth was feeling well enough to care for Noah (who had a teacher only day) and Isaac. Lily and I had breakfast at a lovely cafe called "Not now James" where Lily proved she was fulled recovered from the bug by eating an enormous cooked breakfast.

We waited an hour at the clinic to see the specialist (who we'd previously seen privately) and when I said Lily thought the hearing in her right ear was getting worse he sent her immediately round to audiology. Tests there showed about a 40 decibel loss in her left ear (a bit better than the last test) and around a 70 decibel loss in her right ear (worse than the last test). He sent off a booking form for a CT scan of her ears as we expected but also said that now she has an asymmetrical nerve hearing loss it's possible she has an acoustic neuroma (about 5% have this benign tumour of the nerve which can eventually press on the brain) so should also have an MRI scan.

I said two of her brothers had had an MRI scan of their brains and he asked me what for, so I was explaining how Noah had infantile spams and Sam had vision loss found to be due to Drusen of the optic nerve. Then I remembered that as Lily was adopted and Sam and Noah are not biologically related to her this was of no relevance at all. Still I think it must be unusual for 3 siblings to have needed MRIs. Paul has also reminded me that Isaac had a CT scan of his brain aged 4 months when we were in for his open heart surgery.

For some light relief Noah and I went to see the movie Wall-e this afternoon which he loved. At the moment its just Paul, me and the little boys here. Lily and Hannah are having a fish and chip supper for the Down syndrome teenage group and Beth has gone out to the movies with Sam and Anika and Joe and Abi. It is so fantastic to have some quiet time and we're hoping it will last for the next 3 days (Monday is a holiday in NZ)

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