Thursday, October 23, 2008

House progress

Poor Beth got sick last night - not nice to have a vomiting bug when your stomach hurts post-surgery anyway. Luckily it seems to only last about 24 hours (and less in kids!) so Beth has manged to crawl from bed and have a shower now and Paul went into work for half a day.

Before Paul got sick yesterday we looked round the house to decide wiring. It's amazing how quickly everything is progressing. Then at lunch time today we went to see the kitchen manufacturers. Although they're not used to doing classic English style kitchens (NZ seems to just have sleek coloured laminates) they seem to understand what we're after.
These are some photos of the house - I didn't get any of upstairs - I was so proud of myself for climbing the ladder to upstairs I didn't think to take photos and was gripping too tight to the wooden rails!

tried to get a picture of Paul standing by the new linea boards at the front but he moved!this is the dining room right front of the house with the meter box (which will be on the outside wall not seen inside obviously)this is the right hand wall of the kitchen (looking from the front of the house) - the aga will be between the two windowsthis is the view from the kitchen looking left into the living area with the big patio doors and then into the playroom

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