Sunday, October 12, 2008

Computer back

We have the computer back - although not as we would wish because it managed to loose 83 photos of our holiday and J's birthday party which it had deleted from our camera. Luckily a few of them are on our other computer (the broken lap top which doesn't accept any typing from the key board and whose CD drive doesn't work!) so we may be able to get hold of some of them sometime! It also doesn't pick up everything I type through the wireless keyboard.

We had a lovely time in Oz. If you were looking for the best place on earth to live - which I guess Jon and Bev were doing really when they moved back to Australia - then their house would be a contender. They are within walking distance of 7 mile beach, a lovely white sand surf beach that is as expected 7 miles long, in a lovely green area of NSW and only 2 hours from Sydney airport. Their house and guest flat is lovely like a luxury boutique hotel and they have great views and a 5 acre garden. Nearby is the gift shop area of Berry - Lily told her work supervisor she'd been to a place called "Strawberry" in Australia!

We went on 2 rain forest walks one of which was up in the tree tops and incredible scary. Jon made it to the first stopping point but was so covered in sweat he then returned (he has a fear of heights) I did a little better but didn't make it to the lookout tower - Noah, Bev, Paul and Lily climbed to the top!

While Paul and I enjoyed the luxury surroundings and Lily spent hours in the pool (we had beautiful weather and two days with temperatures of 33) Noah was more impressed with the two dogs, Archie and Bilbo (he was thrilled when the church holiday programme this week included a puppet called Archie) I stopped him just as he was about to copy the dogs and drink out of their bowl!

The children go back to school tomorrow and I was planning for a calm, boring week to make up for the excitement of the holidays and for J spending so much time away from us. However this is now not to be as we (Paul, Noah Isaac and I) fly to Auckland on Tuesday for Isaac to have surgery for his hiatus hernia on Weds and then to spend an expected (guessed by a surgeon so possibly optimistic) 5 to 7 days in hospital.

Paul will have to return on Sunday as the week after there is a haematology conference in Perth and the rest of his department will be there. Things are also complicated by the fact that Beth is flying to Palmerston on Saturday to have her surgery on the Tuesday. I'm so hoping that I get back in time for that.

We have done a lot of juggling to sort next week out for Lily and its great for her having brothers and sisters willing to help. Yesterday night she practiced what it would be like to put herself to bed and lock up the house and she couldn't find the light switch for the kitchen lights ( a lovely example of how incidental learning doesn't occur in DS) I don't think she will spend any time alone but just thinking about it has been a good learning experience for her when we consider how often she's told us she's ready to go flatting alone!

Paul is going to be able to take his work lap top and wireless internet access to the hospital so we will be able to blog about Isaac's progress on the operation day and that will be the easiest way to keep up to date. My mum is also having surgery that day when she has her cataracts removed.

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