Thursday, October 16, 2008

Night of little sleep

All our plans for today came to nothing as Noah was unwell. He vomited over all his bedding and we had to wake up the Ronald McDonald night staff at 2.45 am to get some new sheets. Add to this the fact that Isaac still didn't consider he should sleep as he wasn't in his own bed and that our bed is much smaller and softer than we're used to and that there is the typical hotel heat here and you'll realise that Paul and I had a very broken night.

By lunch time Noah was feeling much better and we hope whatever he had wasn't contagious so that Isaac gets his surgery tomorrow. The surgeon phoned and asked us to be on the ward at 7.30 am with nothing to eat or drink from 3am (but as Isaac doesn't eat anyway we shouldn't have any problems with that)

It is amazing how tiring it is doing nothing in a hospital setting. Paul and I both wish we could be tucked up in bed like the boys and it's only 7.30!

We bumped into someone we know in Ronald McDonald house, her little boy with DS had a tracheostomy done soon after birth. He was due to have it removed a month or so ago and they drove all the way up from Wellington only to find that his intensive care bed had been taken for a child who'd been battered by her family so he couldn't have the surgery. This time though it all went ahead and he's doing well.

My mum's cataract surgery yesterday also went well.

I phoned Lily at home and got no reply so I phoned her mobile and she told me I got no reply at home because she was in Sam's car. She locked herself out this morning (she thought her bag with key and mobile phone in were on the doorstep but they were actually still in the hallway) and Hannah had already gone to uni so Lily sensibly went on to school. When school had finished they looked up Sam's mobile number - he was the emergency contact we'd put on her school forms - and he kindly picked her up and took her to his house for tea and will let her back in using his key.

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