Thursday, October 9, 2008

long time no post, Isaac's surgery date

Computer is in Harvey Norman where we took it just before our holiday ("Should easily be mended within a week and they do it in Palmerston North") still not repaired ("Actually it had to go to Auckland and I think the part has to come over from Australia") and I am going mad without access to a computer - this is Paul's work computer borrowed for an evening.

So will fully update and add photos when computer is back. Meanwhile we had a great holiday with Jon and Bev and have had lots of talk since about Archie and Bilbo (the two dogs) from Noah. Temperature was 33 on two days - we came back here to rain and temperature of 16.
J's birthday party went well - It was the most structured party ever - with J very wound up after her week in respite care.

Just heard today that Isaac can have surgery in Starship hospital, Auckland next Weds so have to go up there on Tues. Much juggling of timetable means we should just about be able to achieve this.

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Nan P. said...

Hello Angela,

I have recently come across your blog, read most of it (not all yet) and also went on your family website.

I got very emotional reading about the three members of your "tribe", and about Noah's birth and Isaac's and Lily's adoptions.

I joined the Granny-Club for the 1st time last March. My beautiful Little Prince, Cathal (pronounced Ca-Hal, it's Irish) has DS too. And I love him SO much. This for me is the re-affirmation that love is an un-exhaustible resource, far beyond anything I could ever imagined.

You and Paul are proving this as well, and I am in awe at your energy, courage, and what seems to be a great sense of fun, from what I have read so far.

I will keep reading you. Sending you all my best wishes, from our side of this very small world (Ireland) to your side ;-)