Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Benefits of small town NZ

Even though we moved here from the UK 10 years ago I still find it hard to adapt to a Southern Hemisphere Christmas. One of the benefits though is that NZ has a lot of outdoor Christmas celebrations and this year the local churches organised a concert on the green by the river by our being built house.

a terrible picture of the boys but it shows their T-shirts that I got in AmericaJ is sitting in Isaac's pushchairthere was a Fijian and a Tongan choir then a donkey came along and gave rides

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Nan P. said...

I love the T-shirts.

And those two boys look cute, Isaac seems so grown up all of a sudden!

As for Christmas in a warm summer climate... I would love that so much! Just once, just to get away from the cold and the "lovely" Irish rain ;-)