Monday, December 22, 2008

How many days till Xmas?

Both yesterday and today have begun with Lily and J arguing over how many sleeps it is till Christmas. J gets it right and Lily just counts how many more candles are left to go on our home made advent calendar which of course finishes on Christmas Eve. She can't be persuaded that there will be another sleep after Xmas Eve, but in the end who cares? Certainly not Pal and I who after 10 minutes of hearing their constant arguing say "Stop talking about it - you can both think what you like!"
We're into Christmas events in a big way now. It was Christmas in the square on Saturday night - but as it rained it couldn't be held outdoors so was instead Christmas in the arena. A concert till 9pm when it was getting dark. Then the Salvation Army band led some carols, and people waved glow sticks as wax candles weren't allowed in the arena. I love the carols but it's interesting how most of the crowd disappear then not keen to include Jesus in Christmas.
Afterwards as it was already so late we said we'd drive past some of the lit up houses. One house is being featured on "Mucking In" - NZs cheaper answer to Extreme Makeover - house edition. It is now covered with lights and the owner dresses up as Santa and gives out gifts to children. It was quite special seeing how excited Noah was queuing in the dark.
Yesterday - Sunday was also a late night as we went to the carols and lessons by candlelight service at church, J and Noah behaved well, bribed by the thought of mince pies and Christmas cake at the end. Isaac entertained the people in the pew behind and attempted to join in with one choir item.
We bought the DVD "The Nativity" to watch on Sunday afternoon. Lily was entranced and today has spent a long while acting our the labour pains of Elizabeth and Mary!

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