Monday, December 29, 2008

Scarey swimming

Noah's behaviour is often difficult to manage but usually we're able to keep him safe. Yesterday though he ended up learning (at least I hope he learnt) from natural consequences that weren't very safe.

We decided to take the kids swimming and try out Isaac's new Australian swim suit with floats in it. On the way we did our usual talk through the rules with Noah. "No running, always stay near an adult, listen to what mum and dad say" He knows this stuff and can even answer questions about what's good to do and what's naughty.

We had a great time until Paul had to get out to the toilet and leave me for a few minutes with all three little kids (Noah, Isaac and J) I turned to talk to J for a minute and then suddenly Noah wasn't there. Luckily I was wearing my glasses - harder to swim but at least a chance of seeing where kids are. I couldn't see Noah but I could hear him laughing and worked out he was in the adult spa just as I saw a life guard going over to the spa. A cross voice and counting to three and he was back with us. Paul and I had a little talk with him and he seemed to be settled and playing well again.

Then he sudden;y got out the pool and ran towards the other top pool and got in. I shouted at him in a very cross voice (I could tell it was cross as every other child in the pool apart from Noah looked at me in alarm!) and he deliberately disobeyed and went further into the water.

I sent Lily round as she's a good swimmer and lumbered after her myself. I got round to the top pool just in time to see Lily reaching Noah who was just out of his depth floundering a little with a life guard on the side about to go in.

Noah did have a cry then and seem to realise his behaviour had not been safe. He also had to go without watching his Wall-e DVD for the rest of the day, but any punishment that comes after doesn't really seem to teach Noah anything. We can't punish him by not letting him go swimming as this episode has made it clear he needs to be able to swim.

We have so many similar difficult behaviour episodes with Noah. He is always sorry after the event it's just that when he gets something into his head he looses all capability to think.

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