Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Noah's 2 crazy actions before school

I am trying hard to persuade myself that Hannah will have no problems with Noah while I am overseas.Unfortunately Noah is trying to disprove this.
So at 8 O'clock this morning when I noticed the front door open, I quickly discounted the thought that Noah had taken himself off to school as I saw his sandals and back pack were still in his cupboard. (Every day he tells me he wants to walk to school by himself and every day I tell him he needs help to cross the roads). I carried on getting Isaac's nappy changed and dressing him, while calling Noah's name and telling myself Paul had left the front door open on his way to work. There was no response from Noah, and Lily and J couldn't see him in the garden or the playroom so it dawned on me he must have left the house.

I put Isaac in his pushchair and with that very calm voice that doesn't quite mask the worry within told Lily and J to stay in the house (J has major anxiety issues over this but I wasn't thinking about her) while I went to look for him. I walked along the first two roads of the route to school calling his name, then decided I'd better go back home and phone school to see if he'd turned up there. Just as I turned round Noah called out from the garden of a nearby house - not of anyone we know. I marched him home asking far too many far too complex questions in far too angry a voice and found out nothing. Later I worked out he hadn't heard Paul say goodbye to him when he left for work so Noah had decided to go out and find Paul.

I'd just recovered from this when J's taxi came. I went out to say gooodbye to her leaving the door on the latch so it wouldn't lock behind me. Next thing I know Noah's by my side waving J off and when we get back to the house I see the door is locked shut as he's fiddled with the lock. Th back door is locked too so Isaac is alone in the house.

This is one time when it's lucky to have a daughter flatting just across the road. I pull Noah across the road to Hannah's house and we knock and shout until we wake her up and she gets out of bed to give us her key.

I can't think of sensible consequences for these acts so instead Noah will get the ultimate December punishment and have to giveaway the chocolate from today's door in his advent calendar.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, what a stressful morning. I thought your punishment was very apt. And it reminded me that I have forgotten to get our advent calendar out. It's been hidden away for ages. Without your post we would never have remembered.
I hope your day gets better, and thanks for making me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela, if it makes you feel any better on Monday I had a training course to attend in Karaka which finished at 2.45pm so I instructed Hayley she must wait at school on the playground for me if I am late. Her answer back to me was "I walk home" so after pleading with her not too I left for the course. When I arrived at school NO HAYLEY! Luckily she hadn't got far and was out the back of the school playing in the church hall! Then yesterday, she got grumpy outside with Cameron and I and locked us out of the house (her inside) she refused to open the door and we had no handy key holder over the road!! Cameron had to climb through a very small window (and he is taller than me now) to rescue us (while Hayley continued to play on the playstation) OH the joys. Must be something in the air.

Nick McGivney said...

Heart in mouth stuff. Somebody in our house lost his Dec 2 Advent door yesterday. Such a harsh world (But what a brilliant round of ammo though!)