Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In San Francisco

Paul and I are enjoying ourselves in San Francisco although the bank balance isn't!
Our hotel doesn't do breakfast and doesn't have a kettle so we have to buy bottled water and bagels from "Bristol Farms" which must be the world's most expensive supermarket!

Highlights have been going to Alcatraz - we had stunning sunny weather for that one day and for me going to Glide Methodist church. I am going to buy the book and movie "In the Pursuit of Happiness" as apparently the church is mentioned in them. I love their slogan "Radical inclusion". Paul is learning lots of haematology there are 23,000 delegates and lectures from 7am till 6.30pm.

I've enjoyed shopping but can't get the hang of the tax system or the American coins. The exchange rate is really against us at the moment so almost everything is cheaper in NZ.Macy's department store has so many offers though that we've brought a few things there.

Today Paul took lunchtime and the early afternoon off and we had lunch at "the Cheesecake factory" (we'd forgotten how big meal portions are so didn't have room for the planned cheesecake!) then walked round Chinatown. Yesterday we visited MOMA the modern art gallery where Paul thought he could have painted most of the pictures himself!

We're so proud of the kids especially Hannah, coping back home. We'd have been even happier if we hadn't heard from them that Noah had climbed out his bedroom window and been brought back home by a neighbour!


Nick McGivney said...

Bring us back something nice! (Uh, and detour by Ireland so you can drop it off. That ok? kbaithanx!)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are having such a great time, Angela. Alcatraz would have been amazing.
Have lots of fun,