Friday, December 19, 2008

Lily and her friend again

I took the boys out to see Santa - quite a mission in itself and when I came back there was music blaring from our house with Lily and her friend (same one as I last posted about) dancing along. I checked our answerphone and there were THIRTEEN messages from this friend sent at roughly 4 minute intervals. On the fourteenth try, Lily (of the deafness and excessive I pod use) heard the phone and arranged for the friend to come over.

I politely told friend she had to wait one hour between calls to us and told Lily not to wear her I-pod all the time. That same afternoon Lily went out to post a Christmas card and J on her way home from school saw Lily going the wrong way. I decided to phone her mobile but of course she couldn't hear it as she was wearing the I-pod.

After an hour and a half she returned home. She had decided to walk to where she knew there was a post box (not to the one I'd taken her to the week before!) which was unfortunately in the middle of town!

We always wanted Lily to be as independent as possible and now we're finding out what that means!

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