Monday, March 23, 2009

And goodbye Sam and Anika

Sam and Anika left at 5.30 am today to get to Auckland in time for their removal van.
They came for a goodbye lunch yesterday. Anika doesn't like spices and luckily for her we had already packed the chilli so we had Chille con carne sans chilli! I also had to ask Sam the food technologist a hypothetical once I'd smelt the mince we were about to use. This was "Suppose a nine year old with Down syndrome had tried to help unpack the grocery shopping one afternoon and suppose his mother next morning had found a portion of mince in the cereal cupboard and immediately put it into the freezer - would such meat be safe to eat?" The food technologist said if it was cooked hot enough any bugs would be destroyed but it might taste funny. But Paul cooked it so well that it didn't even taste funny.
We took some photos and Noah presented them with a picture he'd drawn of Wall-e.

They will be visiting for Easter, so it's not too long a goodbye and it's good to know they will be living with Beth.

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