Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Packing, packing, packing

I hate packing - I start out enthusiastic but then find that things just don't fit properly. We are at the stage now where there are all sorts of bits left, we will probably have 10 boxes marked miscellaneous. In the study just in front of me are a piece of lego, a CD a playstation game, some maps, a picture from Noah's bedroom and a white board.
We have been able to put a few loads of stuff in the garage of the new house but although the garage there looks like it's got a lot in, it hasn't made a dent at all into our stuff here.
Hannah is moving out of her flat and currently sleeping on the study floor and I have Isaac helping by carrying various objects from one room to another a jumbling things still further!
We should get the key to the new house on Friday afternoon and then have booked a van and three men for the Saturday.
Luckily there is a sleepover at church for Noah J and Hannah on the Saturday night - that is if we can find any sleeping bags by then!

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