Sunday, March 8, 2009

house nearly finished

Paul's taken some more photos of our nearly finished house.
This is the aga which so held things up - as you can see it fits perfectly on the concrete slab. We are waiting now for the granite worktop to the left to be fitted then a mock chimney breast will be built round the aga with a wooden mantelpiece.
They also have some open shelves to fit either side of the two windows

this is how the aga fits within the whole kitchen taken from the garden - the island unit needs its tap and finishing board round the breakfast bar

this view of the back of the house shows how badly the garden has suffered during the building, the solar panel has just been fitted on the roof, the columns have just gone up and are waiting to be painted white
the garage was put up by another (much cheaper) company but matches the house fairly well - I doubt it will ever be used for a car but it should fit all the garden equipment and things Joe plans to leave behind while he's in Korea
This shows the downstairs living room, we had a bookcase made to match the kitchen units, which you can just see looking into the kitchen
This isthe view you get coming in the front door, the design of the banisters is not what we expected but we've decided we quite like it and the light matches them well
I thought I was quite brave choosing the dark paint colour for the upstairs lounge - we thought it matched the river view well
this is the landing seen from the lounge - we're glad now we paid the extra for wooden doors
and finally the one room of the house that will always be tidy and child free for me to retreat to - our ensuite - there's a massive shower to the left too
We should be in 3 weeks today! Unfortunately this means both Joe and Sam and Anika will not be here at its completion - Sam and Anika are off to Auckland on March 23rd and Joe hopes to be off to Korea in just over a week. It seems strange that Beth will be the first of our older children to see the completed house when she visits for Easter.