Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Korean restaurant

Joe turned 27 yesterday and for his birthday we decided to go out to a Korean restaurant just to get an idea of what he'll be eating for the next 12 months.
We are lucky in Palmerston to have such a wide selection of ethnic eating places - although I think I prefer the Cambodian, Mongolian, Thai and Indian.
We weren't brave enough to try the squid or other sea foods but did have dumplings and the fermented vegetables that come with every meal. Lily and J tried everything - Lily even finished up everything no one else liked, but Noah wouldn't open his mouth at all, He drank a glass of coke and sat and looked at some chicken, beef and carrot for the entire meal.
Hannah was away at a youth leaders conference and Sam and Anika were in Auckland finding somewhere to live (they've found a 5 bedroomed rental in Hillsbrough which they'll share with Beth and her boyfriend James) so it was a small family affair eating out.
His imminent departure made it easier than usual to find suitable birthday presents and we gave him a Korean guidebook and phrase book, and a souvenir T-shirt which has the NZ map done with place names (and Palmerston North is even included) and a souvenir note book with a picture of kiwi fruits on.

Lily has had her hair cut again - this time very short- and as we found out later she had again taken in a photo for the hairdresser to follow. Not Harry Potter, Professor Snape or Zac Efron this time but Hannah's favourite TV character "House"!
We've also been given a definate date for getting the keys to our new home - March 27th.

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