Wednesday, March 11, 2009

audiology and goodbye dates

A very long afternoon following on from Isaac's one o'clock audiology appointment today. The audiologist found Isaac had fluid in his ears (not much surprising about that as he has DS and also a terrible cold) then tried to do a distraction test - when children hear the noise from one earphone they turn to that side and a musical puppet plays. Isaac would not turn his head to sound. but did decide to dance - in the end they counted it that he could hear when he nodded his head in time to the beeps!!
I said I was more concerned about Lily as we hadn't heard back from the audiology department like we were supposed to. She dug out Lily's notes, said the audiologist who'd assessed her had left (making them even more short staffed than usual) and that Lily should be fitted for hearing aids immediately with her level of hearing loss. So I have to make an appointment tomorrow for a private audiology clinic.
I started walking home, having planned this as great exercise. Unfortunately today's weather forecast was totally wrong and the showers disappearing in the afternoon were instead a torrential downpour. This meant that rather than home I just made it to the shops! I bought J a new school fleece, for ages we've been asking her mum to return the long sleeved fleece but have now discovered mum doesn't have it, which means that J probably lost it at school but coped by telling mum I had it and me that mum had it!
I found some Wall-e Easter eggs which will please Noah and Joe phoned me to say how convenient it was that I was in town as I needed to pay for his ticket to Korea at a nearby travel agent (he has promised we will be reimbursed as soon as he arrives!) he'd just heard that his contract has been sent and flights have been booked for next Thurs March 19th. Sam and Anika leave the next day, so it will be a sad week of goodbyes for us.

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