Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I had to take Lily for yet more hearing tests today. This time though (probably because we were paying an audiologist) they were done with a little more time and care than usual. The first results were pretty much as usual with Lily not hearing voices till 80 decibels, then the audiologist asked her to just guess what the words were at lower volumes and Lily was still getting some right at 35 decibels. With the sounds and beeps she still scored very badly but at one point said "That beep is really loud but I can't hear it" Maybe she is totally confused about how to do the test.
Anyway she is now booked for an ABR (auditory brainstem response - a direct test of what the brain hears) in early May, and on Friday week (just hours before we get the keys to the new house) will be fitted with hearing aids.

On the way home from the audiologist I stopped at the hairdressers and I quite like my new short cut.
I picked Noah up from school and asked him what he thought of my hair.
He replied, "Your hair is confusing!"

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