Friday, March 27, 2009

more help from Isaac

Our last day of packing then we get the key to the new house at 4.30pm tonight.

Some hiccups though - a phone call yesterday to say the gas men cannot get the aga to light. I have phoned the aga suppliers and downloaded stuff from their Internet site so I hope that gets resolved soon or we'll have a beautiful looking kitchen which we can't cook in!

Noah's school are having a teacher only day today so he is helping me pack, Isaac is on top form having started the day by pulling over a cold cup of coffee from by my bed, this soaked his cot, himself and the carpet. Then while I took J out to her taxi he found my pot of dry skin cream and got it everywhere.

I am looking forward to a weeks time when we are in and settled - ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Angela, I always think it's great that you think to take a photo. I would be stressing out so much that it would be the last thing on my mind.
Another great photo!
Love from Bridget

Anonymous said...

At least he spilt the coffee on the old house carpet and not the new! Happy shifting and enjoy your new home.

Nan P. said...

Your photos of Isaac are always brilliant. This one is priceless.

I hope the moving in is somewhat easier than the moving out. Enjoy your new house!