Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gisborne holiday

We had a lovely three nights away in Gisborne - even the five and a half hour journey wasn't as bad as expected although it was still quite an adventure in the dark and rain on the windy narrow road leading from Napier.

We stayed in the Captain Cook motel right by the statue
Just along the beach is the statue of Young Nick (the first person to see New Zealand) Hannah and Noah said "Land Ahoy" by his statue and then at the playground.Isaac had a new first when he was served and ate in a restaurant - we were at the Lone Star and hadn't ordered for him but the waitress asked if she could bring him some ice-cream .

On the way back we stopped at some hot springs

it was a lovely walk through the bush to get to them

then we spent the afternoon in Napier.

On the fostering front, we had a lovely time having J back with us for two nights - it was interesting to hear what she remembered of her time with us. Her court case has still not happened after more than two years but there should be a 9 day contested hearing in July.

We have just agreed to take two little boys aged 2 and 3 for two weeks - they arrive tomorrow afternoon.

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Nan P. said...

Isaac looks so grown up on that "ice-cream photo"! I still marvel at how well he looks.