Friday, April 16, 2010

two sick boys

Our two visitors have arrived the story seems to be changing somewhat especially the "spend all week in day care" bit
The boys are very cute and obviously sad - they have no idea why they left mum. They respond to calming so have obviously had some good parenting sometime.
We had to start by taking them to the holiday programme evening that Noah had attended bit loud and overwhelming.
They were very sad going to bed and U (the two year old) then vomited over all his cot bedding then fell asleep. I thought at first this was just stress but as he repeated it twice in the night and then had very dirty nappy this morning and as his 3 year old brother A is now asleep on the couch with a temperature, it seems it is not just stress but a bug and a reason therefore to not go to daycare but give me a day shut in at home with four boys!!
Beth sent a text last night reminding us that she is in Palmy next weekend and asking where she will sleep!

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Anonymous said...

Geez, I hope that no one else catches it. Good luck!