Saturday, April 17, 2010

toothbrush to bed

An experienced foster carer once told me she had never known a child come into care and bring a toothbrush. A and U didn't come with a toothbrush of course, neither did they have any toys, socks, undies or much clothes that fitted.
They do however want to squeeze themselves into any clothes that remind them of their mum and the little one U insists on wearing his several sizes too big shoes around the house all the time without socks.
I asked Paul to pick up two battery operated toothbrushes on his way home from work yesterday - since then the boys have barely been separated from them and even slept cuddling them.
Suddenly it seems as if my children have so much.


Nan P. said...

This post has really hit me. How much we do take for granted!

I was lucky to grow up in the family I have. My children were lucky to grow up in the family their dad and I gave them. And Cathal is so lucky to have the parents he has...

These two little boys are lucky to have you and Paul ... even if it is only for a few days!

jimsmum said...

that is just soo darn sad. It makes me sit up and realise how fortunate my children have been

Bronwyn said...

I never realised just how hard things can be for some children until I started teacher aiding at a decile 1 (poorest of areas) school in Otahuhu and saw children who didn't come to school each day because they had no clothes or lunch or shoes. Very sad, imagine Christmas for these poor wee kids and they are living just minutes away from us all.
The toothbrushes might be the only gift they have ever seen.