Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hurtful comments about Isaac

Isaac got invited to a birthday party at the weekend which was a major first for him. It was held at our local playcentre Lollipops.
We sat down for afternoon tea with about 8 little boys and one rather obnoxious child immediately looked at Isaac and said "He's got a funny face". Mostly children's questions are very open and even cute but this little boy seemed to be coming from a nastier side.
I calmly replied "He's got a funny face because he's got Down syndrome. He takes longer to learn new things"
Then he said "Is he a baby?" I explained how he'd had problems eating and was very small - still with a slightly "off" feeling.
Then when it was time for the birthday boy to open his presents, the nasty boy pointed to Isaac and said "I expect he's bought a baby toy"
Usually stuff like this rolls off my back but I found this little boy very hard - he did continue on asking quite inappropriate questions of other people too and I think some of the adults there were a bit embarrassed by him.
Made me realise we still have a way to go until our children with DS are accepted as we'd wish - thank goodness for the school our boys are at where the other kids are fantastic with he kids with disabilities.
I feel a bit over protective of Issac maybe as he's been through so much and tomorrow he has his sixth surgery this time for grommets and squint. The fostering agency has found another caregiver for A and U for the day and overnight.


GB's Mom said...

I am sorry you had to go through that. Society, in general, still needs a lot of educating.

Carmen said...

My goodness, Yes, I would be very hurt by those comments too. I was trying to think of why he would say such things... I don't know, maybe he felt threatened in some way, unknown to us! The bit about how Isaac looked is one thing, but to say he'd give a baby toy is way worse. Awkward situation! I assume his parents weren't there??

Anonymous said...

What a little brat. Just as well I wasn't there, as I would probably be arrested by now for slapping him.
I hope that Isaac'a surgery goes well. I'll be thinking of you guys.

Mel said...

That kid is just rude. I vividly remember one little girl who kept going on about my Emily's HUGE ears (her words) right in front of her mother, who said nothing. I was so upset. Still makes me mad to think of it. You did very well to keep quiet. I would have said something about some things staying in your head and not coming out of your mouth!