Tuesday, April 27, 2010

goodbye Beth

Beth and James were in Palmy for the last weekend to attend a wedding and say goodbye to us before they move to Sydney on Thursday. This is the same day that Isaac has his surgery for grommets and squint so I shouldn't forget it.
It was great to see them and Beth even started the day (at 6am) by sorting out a squabble between A and U then changing a dirty nappy so she was very welcome!
The boys were having a medical assessment today so I wrote a report which helped me realise what emotional problems they have with relaxing to sleep and the like but also what amazing progress they've made i just a few days here. Both boys didn't have a tantrum when they were dressed the morning and then both said "Get down please" at the breakfast table - two firsts.
We are also understanding more and more of their speech and enjoying listening to them - a "brushteeth" for a toothbrush and a very worried look from U when I said the thing in the newspaper was a crossword as he thought I was angry!
I am learning to make the most of every moment of the day, never going upstairs empty handed and so on. And I so SO enjoy the few minutes a day I have when the boys are asleep. Paul is tending to take over in the evenings now sitting in the boys room doing emails on his I-phone so this means I can heave a sigh of relief at about 7.30 and then crawl into bed soon after 9.00!

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