Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

pictured is our Easter egg stash before my sister Caroline and family visited yesterday. As I couldn't find any Easter chicks we used our bath ducks on the Easter cake (which had the slight disadvantage of a moister cake when they leaked a bit!)

It was a good time and we had a very late lunch with the five of them arriving from Wellington and Sam and Anika arriving from Auckland. We had just finished lunch at 4.30 pm when Hannah realised it was nearly time to go to the movies with the Zone 21 group (the youth group short for chromosome 21 that she helps lead for young adults with DS) she also kindly took Noah, Bret and Caroline left soon after so within a matter of minutes it went from complete chaos to adult calm (especially when we put Isaac who was the only child left down for a sleep) and Paul and I sat in the upstairs lounge and talked to Sam and Anika for a while without interruptions!

Both are really enjoying their jobs and they are actively looking for new accommodation as their current place grows mould everywhere.

Over the next few days, we have been asked to provide 2 nights respite care for J the little girl we fostered for 15 months who left us last June and we are also going to meet up again with the teenage girl we sometimes have stay with us who has recently been through lots of (mainly negative) experiences.

Paul has a clinic in Gisborne next week and rather than just him fly there as usual, we are going to drive there and have a kind of holiday for a few days - that is the boys and I will have a holiday and Paul will be at the hospital doing a clinic!

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