Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sad little boys, exhausted carers

Life is very hectic - it is amazing how exhausting it is trying to constantly give out vibes of calm and reassurance to two traumatised little boys.
They must be settling as they are showing us some pretty massive tantrums now over such things as sitting in a pushchair, getting dressed or having to come for a bath.
I dared to take the double pushchair to the shops today as A was at daycare. A tantrum started in the plaza so we walked calmly (at least I hope it appeared calm when I was holding U's hand to stop him tipping out of the pushchair and Isaac's hand to stop him scratching U as he was so scared by the loud crying)to the square 0 the park at the centre of Palmy. We then had 20 minutes (there is a useful clock there so I could time it)of totally out of control screaming, drooling, leaning out of the pushchair upside down while I tried to talk calmly to Isaac about the ducks round about.
Once the tantrum was over U was back to his very charming self. He's had 5 tantrums today so lets hope we've reached the worst!
U is very attached to a pair of shoes his mum gave him which are too big for him to walk in - but today I managed to buy him a pair that fit (this involved another tantrum I've just remembered but a relatively Small one which didn;t involved needing to leave the shopping centre) I still let him wear the big pair to bed he only needs the new ones on occasions when he has to walk!
It is amazing to see these two little boys changing everyday - they love books and although they're very delayed in language they just love singing songs and trying to talk. They so hate bedtime though - it's a bit sad to wonder why
I have taken to watching Jon and Kate plus 8 as it makes my life seem relatively quiet!

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