Sunday, January 8, 2012

cool boy is alive

Noah must be much better, first he has become naughty again - running off and refusing to obey us in church today, and second he told us that cool boy Noah is alive - when he was post-op in hospital he said that 'cool boy Noah' was dead and he thought he would always be 'sick boy Noah'. This is real progress. We have also now had a total of 3 days when we have not needed to change his bag and this has allowed his skin to improve somewhat, this does mean that for the other 18 days he's been home he has had one or more bag changes whereas the bag should last for 3 days, but still we're pleased.
Noah has started taking more part in the care of his ileostomy, the other morning I said "We'd better empty your bag" and he said "I already have" - it had all gone down the toilet too! Today he pulled a little of the seal off himself, when Paul was changing the bag because of leaks.
It was good to go back to church today as it seemed like usual routine might be creeping back in and one day the ileostomy won't be my sole interest!

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