Friday, January 13, 2012

Noah headache vomiting

Life was on a fairly even keel, the novelty of school holidays and bag changes having worn off, so today Noah is adding some excitement by complaining of headache, he vomited at 4am and now won't eat and has just had sips of chocolate milkshake, I am not sure how much his ileostomy is draining either. So now he's lying in bed, won't take panadol and I have sent Hannah to buy some bubblegum flavour paedialyte in the hopes we can turn him around before we need to go to hospital. It is this decision making process of whether or not to involve someone else that I always find so hard. Paul is on his way to a clinic in Hawera - luckily a one day clinic only.
We ended up in the emergency department as Noah vomited again but once there he picked up a bit, drank two cups of water and had an xray which showed lots of air in the stomach but no dilated bowel, so we've been allowed home if we encourage drinking. He managed to vomit again just as Hannah pulled th e car up into the driveway but he seems happy now whereas I am absolutely exhausted and have a major pile of sheets to wash!

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