Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Noah loved Tintin

Noah really enjoyed the Tintin movie and there were no problems with his ileostomy bag (we had added a strip of hypafix to the side which may have done the trick). Paul said it was wonderful to hear Noah laughing out loud at some of the slapstick comedy.
Noah tells me his favourite part was "killing cranes" but I can not find any pictures of this.

I have two more papers to do at Massey next semester which is really half-time, so I'm hoping they will fit with what ever surgery or appointments Noah needs. In fact I'm thinking I should brush up on my medical school type learning in case I go back to work. I am even considering working for USMLE step (the American boards first exam) as my medical degree is 32 years old I may need to do this before being allowed to work in NZ. I am starting with embryology as this is very relevant to Hirschsprungs disease and realise I have forgotten everything I ever knew about the GI tract and its formation!

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Carmen said...

Hi Angela,
Glad Noah enjoyed Tintin, must have been nice for him to forget about his ileostomy for a few hours!
It sounds like it has been a bit of an ordeal, but you all seem to be managing it extremely well... I guess life goes on, so we sort of deal with these things as they crop up... even if we don't want to!
Just thought I'd mention, my husband worked on Tintin, and he said the "killing cranes" is probably the scene where there are two big working cranes fighting eachother, I think Captain Haddock was driving one of them.
Is Noah's ileostomy likely to be permanent, or is it temporary? It's a huge learning curve isn't it? No one I know has one, but I have looked after people who have them, and have changed the bags etc... hopefully things will settle down for Noah (and you) by the time he starts back at school.
I'm sure this isn't how you envisaged the school holidays!

Best wishes,