Sunday, January 29, 2012

quiet weekend

We have spent the weekend trying to keep Noah very quiet to avoid the reemergence of his prolapse. Noah's main stoma (the proximal one that works) is called "epic" as epic mickey is his favourite computer game and it is supposed to be helpful to name your stoma and think of it as a life-saving friend. Noah has now named the naughty stoma, that should not be there (the distal redundant bit of bowel that prolapsed) "Oswald" as this is the baddie in the epic mickey game. So we keep looking to see if Oswald has appeared (which is often) and then make Noah lie down so he disappears again.
I can see this is going to make school very difficult as now not only to we have to teach the staff how to empty and change bags but also when to be concerned and phone us or the hospital.
We are going to say we don't want Noah to do PE or swimming and tell the staff to have a very high index of suspicion and send him home if they have any concerns. This is not going to fit well with me going to Massey but luckily there are 4 weeks till my term starts so hopefully by then we'll have an idea of what's happening and I can decide whether or not I need to withdraw from my papers.
Noah is doing pretty well - I caught him carrying a chair upstairs - but other than that he is trying to be quiet. He is a little subdued - he used to often tell us he hated us but when we were in hospital said to me "I hate you and I love you mum" and when Paul came to get us in the afternoon he held hands with us both and said "I love my parents" He seems especially cute at the moment.

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