Tuesday, January 3, 2012

first blockage

We'd just decided that as today is a holiday in NZ, Paul and I would go for an early morning walk leaving Hannah to babysit, when we discovered that not only had Noah's small bag leaked all over his bedding BUT he was complaining of pain and some rigidity in his tummy - he describes this as "I have had a stroke" remembering that grandad doesn't move much now he's had a stroke. Every time we start to relax it seems something new happens.
Nothing was coming out his stoma and the stuff in the bag was very thick, so he obviously had a blockage/obstruction of some kind -perhaps due to the vast amount of poorly chewed pizza he consumed last night. The stoma itself had almost disappeared, retracted right back to skin level.
Paul as usual was calmer than me so we removed the bag and popped Noah in the bath to relax him, rather than going to the hospital.
I looked up what to do on-line and it said to get in a bath, have a warm drink and gently massage around the stoma, then if it doesn't clear you can irrigate the stoma (I guess this would be similar to the rectal irrigations we had to do when Noah was little, but still I don't fancy sticking a catheter up the stoma).
Luckily after a while in the bath and bending his knee to his chest a few times it started producing again and the stoma came back out again. Once he had a new bag on we put on some music for Noah to dance and stuff started pouring out so the crisis was over - we didn't get our morning walk though.
Since then he has needed two further bag changes and we have now tried the paste that can go round the hole in the bag, but this just stung Noah for a long time and didn't improve wearing time, so we won;t do that again.
This afternoon Paul is being brave and taking Noah to watch TinTin at the cinema with Hannah and Sam while I babysit Isaac. I have packed him an ileostomy change back along with a spare t-shirt for Noah and at least they will be sitting in the dark if there is another leak!

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