Friday, January 27, 2012

Noah surgery for prolapse

The stoma nurse put on a new kind of bag yesterday, much stickier and brown rather than transparent, unfortunately this meant that we didn't see how much Noah's stoma was prolapsing. It was also the day of resuming 'date nigth' for Paul and I so Hannah babaysat while Paul and I went out for a meal and to the movies and got back at 11pm to find Noah still awake, although not in pain.
He said he had emptied his bag three times durign the evening and it was red but it was not until I emptied it at midnight that I realised this was frank blood We decided we would have to take off the super sticky bag to have a look and when we did about 10cm of bowel was in the bag alongside his stoma and was a rather purple colour rather than the bright red it should be.
(I have a rather horrible photo of it from Pauls iphone)
We went to ED and then had about an hour to wait before being seen by the ED doctor ( frustrating because once bowel looses its blood supply its a real emergency) then the surgical registrar (luckily the one who had looked after Noah in December). He covered the prolapse with sugar and ice which made it look a little less purple but he could still not reduce it so woke up the consultant at 3am who came in to see. This then also meant waking up an anaesthetist. They hoped that anaesthesia would relax his abdominal muscles enough for the prolapse to be able to be reduced but if not we had to be prepared for major surgery with bowel resection, so Paul and I sat in the relatives waiting room for what seemed like ages until the surgeon returned and said with more sugar (this dehydrates the bowel wall making it smaller) and patience he had managed to get it back in.
Unfortunately it is almost inevitable it will prolapse again so Paul and I have to keep a close watch and try to reduce any prolapse at home if we can and if not may directly phone the registrars.
The only solution is to repair the ileostomy and this can only be done once the pediatric surgeons have decided what was causing the chronically dilated bowel (found at Decembers surgery)and sorted that. (Roll on surgeon's return from Holidays on Feb 7th) Still it means we can take the next few weeks as a 'hospital in the home' type time and not feel guilty if we are worried about Noah.
A whole night without sleep - a very long while since we did that! got to ED at 1.20 am to the recovery room at 6.30am and then Paul came home to crash while I accompanied Noah to the ward at 8am and got a few hours very disturbed sleep around ward rounds and visits from the stoma nurse etc. We are very grateful for those staff who helped us in the middle of the night and pleased that Noah has bounced back and was able to be discharged home at 3pm to wish Hannah a happy birthday - we are proud of Hannah who was supposed to be spending the day with us all in Greytown but instead drove back here at 1am to babysit until this afternoon.
so Happy 5th wedding anniversary Sam and Anika and Happy Birthday Hannah, Noah has now given you another reason to remember the date!

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