Monday, January 16, 2012

out to play

Noah has made a full recovery from his vomiting bug and yesterday Noah went to play with his friend Harley after church- the first time he has been without either Paul or I since his surgery. It was so kind of Bev to invite him and as she is an experienced midwife she wasn't too concerned about dealing with his ileostomy.
Noah was so pleased and had a great time and although he needed a bag change first thing in the morning and another in the evening he was alright during his time at Harley's house.
We still need many bag changes and can never work out why certain bags stick for longer than others but each full day we go without a change gives me a chance to catch up with the laundry and I have another order for brolly sheets on its way so life should soon be easier. We use a brolly sheet as part of our bag changing kit for Noah to lie on and protect our bed and then at night we sleep him in a brolly sheet sandwich one on top and one below him (sometimes this even works and protects the duvet and under sheet!). i should probably write and thank the brolly sheet manufacturers!
Lets hope the run of easier management continues as this week Paul and I are going out twice - for a meal at a friends on Tuesday and to a wedding reception Saturday, and we are also accompanying Paul to his New Plymouth clinic on Wednesday and Thursday so will get some experience of managing the ileostomy away from home.

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