Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bath filled by Isaac

I keep saying that Isaac is like a different child since his last surgery - the downside is that although he is very cute he has become a total menace. While I was on the computer this morning I heard him crying in the bathroom. He was crying because he was using one hand to push shut one of the vanity unit drawers onto his other hand. - He does a similar thing in the toilet sometimes, pushing down the toilet seat onto his hand. Once I rescued him from that I realised that the contents of that drawer, all our toothbrushes and toothpaste were now in the bath along with one of his shoes, a pair of sunglasses, some bath toys, a toy car from the playroom and a dirty nappy!

Later once the kids were home from school they all played in the garden, then I realised the older ones were back inside but where was Isaac. I went out and called him with no response. (This reminds me of Noah when younger he could see no reason at all to respond to his name and the only thing I could call that might make him come was "pizza") I started looking all over the garden and even by the hole that leads under the house and eventually found him crawling happily in the narrow corridor between our garage and next door's fence.

We'd better watch out I think he is really in the toddler phase now!


Nan P. said...

This sounds so ordinary for a toddler, it's refreshing!

Well done Isaac is what I say ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, those Isaac stories really made me smile. Pete's never really done stuff like that, but it all sounds like very healthy kid stuff. Never a dull moment. Keep those eyes peeled.
Have a great day,