Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Isaac's turning into a toddler

It's now nearly four weeks post-op and Isaac is improving day by day. He no longer has pain with feeding and it has made such a difference -we're seeing a really sunny little boy who wants to investigate everything.
He realised yesterday that he can get up and down off the settee and has practised this often - it means we have to be sure there's something he really enjoys on TV before we sit him there to have his feed. He's now extended the skill to climbing on and off the coffee table! No longer will a hot drink be safe if we put it right in the middle.

And like a typical toddler he can immediately find things that aren't safe to play with. I just hung the washing on the line (summer may be finally coming) and thought Isaac would follow me into the garden but no he got waylaid by the back door emptying out the recycling bin and I caught him just before he tried to put some tins to his mouth!

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