Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a bit too boring

Much as I longed for a boring time I think I've had enough of it.
Round about this time NZ starts its cool down period ready for Christmas and the holidays, and every single year it takes me by surprise. We've lived in NZ for 10 years now but still I can't associate the coming of warmer weather with getting ready for Christmas.
The university term has finished now until mid February, secondary school term has only 3 weeks to go and many regular activities just run down.
We were looking forward to the foster care BBQ in the Esplanade yesterday but the weather is pretty windy so that was cancelled.
I also have this challenge to myself to only spend money in supermarkets throughout November - this means its safer for me not to go "shopping"

However don't worry - there is still plenty of housework I can be getting on with. This morning I was about to start housework when I spotted Hannah's multiple choice psychology paper and wondered if I'd be able to do it. Now I realise I am very out of date with psychology and that it takes ages to look up the answers in her text book!

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