Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lily's CT and MRI scans

Yesterday morning Lily had her CT scan - all over in 5 minutes with Lily lying absolutely still and very proud to be told she was the "best patient of the day" As she hadn't had any breakfast before the scan, we went across the road to a cafe and she bought herself an enormous cooked breakfast (and ate it all!)

Then at quarter to 4 in the afternoon the phone went saying Lily now had an appointment for an MRI scan at quarter to five - of course I assumed this must mean they'd found something on the CT scan. Luckily Paul was able to come and get Lily as otherwise I've had had to take Noah, Isaac and J with me too. They came back within about half an hour and again Lily had behaved fantastically although she had trouble getting the hospital gown off without help.

In the evening I said to Paul "Well at least we haven't ended up on a helicopter to Wellington for neurosurgery"" and he said "I never thought we would" -the difference between mothers and fathers I guess!

Anyway we got the all clear with the MRI report today which says

The internal auditory meati appear normal. There is no
cerebellopontine angle mass. The 7th and 8th nerves have a
normal appearance. The cochlea and vestibular system have a
normal configuration.

As noted on CT there is some fluid in the right mastoid air
cells but not in the middle ear and the left side appears

No evidence of acoustic neuroma.

So it seems it's just going to be a typical old age sensori-neural loss needing hearing aids. I know this can occur at a younger age in DS than with the normal population but still age 20 seems very young.

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