Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lily and the election

NZ goes to the polls on Saturday and it will be Lily's first chance to vote.
Ever tried explaining politics to a 20 year old with Down syndrome? Without being biased?
Also having to explain that she has two votes one for the Palmerston North MP and the other a party vote for proportional representation.
She had just about decided to vote Labour - mainly because she met Helen Clark in a shopping mall.

But now with the American election result we've been saying how special it is that a black man is president. She now wants to vote for Barack Obama and when we've said she can't as he's in America and we're in NZ, she's decided she wants to vote for someone with black skin and wants to vote for the Maori party!

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Carmen said...

I love Lily's logic! My Emily (15, DS) looked at this morning's paper and saw the ad for the Maori party, and asked if she could go to the Maori Party!