Friday, November 14, 2008

house progress

The house is coming on amazingly fast - can't say "maybe a light would look nice there" when the ceiling is on and no further changes can be made.
This is the house from across the road -having the windows covered so it can be painted white and the scaffolding can then come down.

this is Paul approaching the house in assertive mood as he wants to ask why the estimate for wooden doors is so exorbitant
this is the dining room (room at the downstairs right looking at the house) leading through to the kitchen
it contains the stairs which we have agreed on but not the balustrades or banister which we have not yet agreed on!

this is the downstairs living room with all sorts of wires across the ceiling but NOT a home theatre system

these next picture I'm a little hazier on as I don't like climbing the ladder to upstairs so Paul took them .
you can see someone coming up the ladder which is where the staircase will be - the door at an angle goes into the upstairs lounge (on the upstairs left looking at the house)
this is our master bedroom, (upstairs right looking at the house) looking into the walk through wardrobes - I have no idea why there are some bits on the ceiling - into our ensuite bathroom
these are the children's bedrooms at the back of the house - far window is our ensuite then Noah's window then foster child's window

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