Monday, November 10, 2008

Lily post election

Well National got in with a landslide, so Lily is very disappointed that she didn't vote for the winning party.
I was telling her that Helen Clark has resigned as leader and finished her resignation speech by saying "so it's over and out from me" Lily said "It's over and out for me too because I will never vote again."

This afternoon we've had a psychologist talk to me and Paul then observe all the family with J - she is understandably exhausted and wound up after this - with a bit of defiant behaviour to see if I would still give her time out - I did. Then she went to bed not even able to hear anything positive about herself. I said I'd talk to her doll and stuffed toys and all she had to do was say no if I was wrong - I talked about what a tiring and hard day she'd had today and how she'd had to talk about difficult things, then I said she was a special girl - and she said "No I don't think I'm special." So I've left it that her toys have to keep telling her she's special.

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