Saturday, November 22, 2008

Isaac walked!

Yesterday we went to the annual Christmas BBQ held for all the lab staff in a lovely big garden. This has been the site of some horrendous behaviour from Noah in the past but he behaved really quite well yesterday - the only issue being that he lost all the tennis balls by throwing them into the hedge, still at least he is now too big to crawl under the hedge into an adjoining garden as he has previously tried to do. We also saw one of the nurses who said she had met Noah at church last Sunday and helped him return a fire extinguisher to the wall!
Yesterday though it was Isaac who was the star of the show. When he wasn't walking for his 3rd birthday we decided to make Christmas the aim with walking being his present to us. But he decided he couldn't wait for that and pulled himself to his feet in the middle of the tennis court and took four steps in a row witnessed and applauded by lots of people. I didn't have a camera then and he hasn't repeated the walking today (probably not a big enough audience!) but I will try to get a photo sometime.

This photo is showing how cute he can be asleep though, sucking his thumb.

Our house is progressing really fast now and has a bright red front door - Paul chose the colour which was supposed to be a ruby red to match the aga - but we are quite liking this brighter colour and someone said "It suits your family because its really "out there" just like your family"


Nan P. said...

Thank you Angela for sharing Isaac’s recent triumphs: his “kissing” skills, his standing and now walking. He must have been a very sick little boy before his operation. It is heart- warming to read about such quick improvements since the surgery.

Even though my little grandson is doing very well at the moment (as a friend told me after seeing him last week, “you would not know there is so much wrong with his heart just by looking at him”) his condition is serious, and the surgery that awaits him in a few months time is major. But reading your blog I have full confidence that all will be ok with him afterwards. So thank you for reinforcing my faith in Cathal’s future.

Keep posting, about the whole “tribe” (I love reading about Lily, it gives me a long term picture, and that is as important as the now).

And by the way... Christmas BBQ? Oh, I would love that!

Anonymous said...

Angela, what fantasic news on Isaac's walking. You must be thrilled. Pete was 3 years and one month when he walked, which must be similar to Isaacs age. He has done so well when he's had so many health problems. Congratulations Isaac!!!!