Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween weekend

My mum has decided to try to learn to use the computer -I was so impressed at how well she's coming on when she phoned me up on Wednesday to ask if there was something wrong with her computer as it hadn't received any blog entries since Sunday! I will try to blog more frequently now, especially once she's had surgery next Thurs and needs something to read during her recovery!

Life is continuing to return to relative calm.

Lily's IEP went very well after all. Her teacher had suggested Lily stay at school for another year so Lily would be happy. The rest of us thought the offer of a paid job at Farmers was just too good to turn down, and people came up with great ideas as to how Lily could fill the rest of her time.

From next week she will do work experience at Farmers 3 mornings a week (adding Monday to the Weds and Friday she already works) to prepare her for when she's working there. The school will also see if they can get her involved in an aqua aerobics class at the Lido. She only has four more weeks till the end of term.

Hannah's term finishes even sooner and she has her last exam on Tuesday.

On Halloween it was Happy Birthday to my dad and Beth's boyfriend (two different people obviously!) Lily and J were in a production at the Regent theatre from their dance class, and Paul, Noah, Isaac and I went on a very NZ Halloween treat. The miniature railway at the Esplanade park is open at night with a few pictures of pumpkins and witches along the tracks. We waited until as late as we could for Noah but at 7.30 it was still just the beginnings of dusk but he thought it was just wonderful!

On Saturday I went to the first of a two day foster parent training about behaviour management, really helpful as most training weekends are and great to meet two very experienced foster parents - I am totally in awe of one taking in a 17 year old who's committed armed robbery.

In the afternoon we went to watch the second of the dance shows at the Regent. There were hundreds of students taking part and Lily was excellent as the tail of the bird in the Lion King, but we just couldn't spot J. We found out today this was because she got sick at the last moment so didn't appear. It's been a tough weekend for her anxious about the show and about meeting the psychologist. She gave me a very big goodnight hug tonight which is very unusual for her.

Paul took the boys and Lily to a church breakfast (the congregations of the 8am and 10am services got together which was great) Joe was preaching at both services and made a great DVD of church members talking about the church family. The best quote was probably that of a 3 year old who when asked what she liked best about church replied "the play dough"

This afternoon Isaac tried to help Paul with the garden - don't you love this photo? Isaac's top says "My dad rocks" I usually put the boys in these tops when Paul has a day looking after them by himself.


Nan P. said...

That is a very cute photo. Lovely happy boy!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Isaac is the cutest kid in the world. Great photo!
And that is so great that Lily has a paying job.
A wonderful week to you all.
Ta ra,