Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Isaac's hospital appointment

Isaac shone at his paediatric appointment yesterday. Apart from only weighing 10.6kg (he has bounced around the 11kg mark for months now) he's doing really well. No heart murmur, showing off in the clinic room - pulled himself to stand and tried to pull all the notes on the floor etc. He is really a different boy since this last surgery and it's such a joy to see. Finally we realise what an impact his hiatus hernia has had on his development and character. I think he must have felt constantly uncomfortable.

Afterwards we walked to Joe's house as it was midway between the hospital and New Life church where I had to go to be filmed. Joe wasn't there and left his key out for me - unfortunately I wasn't sure which house it was not having been there before and this meant I ended up rummaging round in the plant pots of someone else's house. In the end I phoned Hannah and she put me right!

Isaac conveniently slept while I finished the book the Shack - this is billed as the Pilgrims progress for this century and while I wouldn't go as far as that, it was thought provoking. It's a Narnia kind of fable for adults - not quite as magical as CS Lewis - although maybe I read them with a child's magical thinking. Lots of the ways of thinking in it are directly related to the ways foster children need to be treated. I got it from our local Christian bookshop and was amazed the next day when our vicar mentioned it in his sermon.

Yesterday afternoon I was filmed along with a social worker for foster care week - well a week late I think. This is for a tiny TV station that we can't get called Tararua TV - a real labour of love by some Christians in Pahiatua. Isaac sat smiling and grinding his teeth and while I was making one serious comment the interviewer started laughing as Isaac was blowing raspberries!
They've said they'll send us a DVD of it so it will be good to see how much is usable!

We also heard yesterday that we've managed to get a holiday home near Nelson for 2 weeks in January, this will be a real break for us and probably my sister Caroline will be living in Nelson by then so we should be able to meet up with her family too. The link is http://www.holidayhouses.co.nz/properties/12612.asp


Nan P. said...

Such good news about Isaac. You must be thrilled!

He sounds like a little hand-full, and that is the way every child should be.

I wish him all the best... it looks to me that the "best" started the day you entered his life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,
I am so happy to hear that Isaac is doing so well. He must have been feeling lousy before the op. I am so glad that he is feeling much better now.
Ta ra,