Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fantasy cave

Noah had been to Fantasy cave with his school and his picture was even in the Dannevirke newspaper. He'd been telling us how great it was, so we'd promised to go for the first day of the holidays.
the weather was so appauling we though we might not make it, but by 11am things were improving so we bravely went. for the first time ever we saw snow on our nearby mountains and it was snow rather than rain on the windscreen.
Fantasy cave cost $4 for adults and $1 for children - one of the last great bargains for a family day out! It is like an old-fashioned visit to see Santa with lots of loving made but rather dated displays of nursery rhymes and fairy tales and lots of lovely volunteer old people who call themselves cave dwellers explaining everything.
On the way back we stopped at the cheesecake shop in Woodville that has been often recommended we got four delicious cheescakes, lemon, chocolate, banofee and rhubarb custard YUM
On the way back Paul dropped me and Lily and J at the shops, we found the only item of clothing in Pumpkin Patch that both J and I liked - a cute pink tartan skirt. She likes what I consider disco clothes and I like what she considers old-fashioned ugly clothes, so it was a great achievement. we also bought a pale pink skivvy (polo neck jumper) and tights to match but J was not so keen on these.
Then I said she could have extra pocket money for the holidays if she spent it on a toy rather than clothes or electronics - again being rather old-fashioned I think 6 years olds should be playing with dolls rather than fashion conscious. She bought her first Bratz doll. We also looked for a 100 piece puzzle as most of our jigsaws ar etoo easy for J - she was delighted that the only one in k-mart was of Hannah Montana!
Lily found some reduced glasses frames and it only cost her $370 instead of the usual $700 for a new pair of glasses.
We also bought the dvd of jurassic Park for a family movie night - can it be right that this is almost 20 years old? Great movie and good to have J creep up to me for a cuddle saying "I'm not scared it's just warmer here."

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