Friday, July 4, 2008

Last day of term - Is Hannah Montana a book character?

As a treat for the last day of school, J doesn’t have to wear school uniform but instead can go dressed as a book character. In spite of our large dressing up box filled with lovely princess dresses (“Ugly” says J) J has chosen to go as Hannah Montana. Paul and I have both protested that this is a TV show rather than a book – “Oh but they do make books of her now” and asked how will anyone know she’s Hannah Montana as she will look just like J – “the teacher is going to give us all name badges so everyone will see” These are pretty good arguments and as foster parents we have to pick our battles wisely so we decided to let her go as Hannah Montana – this involved still some minor fighting about what clothes Hannah Montana would wear but were also appropriate for school and provided enough decency and warmth.
I also ended up putting a “Little Mermaid” costume in to her school bag just in case all the other children are wearing actual book linked costumes and J feels left out. This is totally for my benefit really – I bought J this mermaid dress on my recent trip to Disneyland Paris (she’d told me Ariel was her favourite Disney princess) but she has proclaimed it “Ugly” has never played in it and wouldn’t even wear it to Noah’s Pirates and Mermaids party, instead saying we could give it to R -another of the children coming. In the end we lent it to R who looked lovely if I say so myself!
So I don’t expect J to wear it but at least I feel a little better putting it in.

Noah’s special needs teacher is about to leave for 18 months in the UK so today is her last day at school. Noah signed his name beautifully on a card for her which he gave her when we got to school, but then he said he’d like to give a card to one of the other teacher aides too who isn’t leaving! Noah is very thoughtful about his teachers, when we took in some chocolate coins for his class on his birthday I said “These are for all the children in room 3” (his mainstream class) and he replied “and for all the adults in Room 9” (his special needs class)

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