Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oscar night

look how beautifully Hannah and Diana decorated the tables

We enjoyed the Down syndrome “Oscars”. Hannah and Diana had gone to a lot of trouble decorating the tables, and thinking up categories so each teenager got an award. There were categories for best basketball move, best smile, best lifeguard (I didn’t quite understand this as there didn’t seem to be a swimming scene in the film but the kids had no problem!), best dance moves and Lily got best celebrity as she’d been in the newspaper.
Some of the parents had dressed up for the occasion and were able to supply applause for all the Oscar acceptance speeches. These were very similar to a genuine acceptance speech as they tended to go “I’d like to thank my mum and dad …”
Although some of the kids had very poor speech which we couldn’t understand, all but one managed to say something even if it was only the name of their favourite movie.

J had a great time helping clear the tables and getting praised for her help and being complimented on her beautiful new dress.
Noah ran around a bit and tried to copy the Oscar nomination speech up on the stage afterwards. I brought out his Christmas tree decoration to calm him down. This is a silky red tassel he can run through his fingers – I keep it in my bag and it only comes out when he sits still. We made a prompt getaway after the desserts as it was well past bedtime and Noah was fast approaching his best before date.

three matching children just before we left
Lily and some of her friends dressed for the occasion

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